Blossom Toolkits

Each Blossom Toolkit includes a collection of resources centered around a meaningful topic. Blossom Toolkits are carefully designed to be used by parents, educators, and more to inspire active learning, creative thinking, and enriching play in children that help them learn, grow, and BLOSSOM!

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Blossom Holiday Toolkit

Growing Gratitude.png

Growing Gratitude Toolkit

Practicing and expressing gratitude can have immense benefits on a child's well-being and outlook on the ever-changing world around them. This toolkit provides the ideas and activities you need to grow a little gratitude every day.

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Blossom Birthday Toolkit

This toolkit includes colorful decorations, fun party games, music, and more inspired by "The Blossom Shoppe" that are guaranteed to make any celebration BLOSSOM!

Back to School Toolkit Cover.jpg

Back to School Toolkit

Get your little one excited about going back to school with our Back to School Toolkit! This kit includes lots of wonderful, colorful ways to inspire growth, learning, and fun as you and your child begin a new school year together! 

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Watering Can Ballet Toolkit

Introduce children to foundational ballet steps and inspire a lifelong appreciation for music, movement and dance with this toolkit inspired by Poppy & Posie's hit song: "The Watering Can Ballet."

More Blossom Toolkits are on their way! 

Music Appreciation Toolkit

"The Blossom Shoppe" Lesson Plan Toolkit

Blossom Baking Toolkit

Blossom Crafts Toolkit

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