Step into Poppy & Posie's Wonderful, Colorful World!

"What if everyone knew what a flower can do?"

In a town that is totally gray and where everything is done in the same exact way, Poppy and Posie Blossom have always had a little trouble fitting in. Alongside their mother, the two sisters run their beloved family flower shop. Though Poppy, Posie, and Mama Blossom love their shop more than just about anything, to the rest of the town, flowers are just frivolous!


When Mama Blossom shocks Poppy and Posie with the news that they will have to close their shop, the sisters must dig deep to figure out how to prove to the town just how special their flowers truly are. And along the way, they discover that being a little different isn’t such a bad thing after all.


Join Poppy and Posie on their unforgettable journey to save the Blossom Shoppe—a multi-award-winning story about the power of hard work, creativity, acceptance, and family, and the extraordinary things that can happen when you have the courage to let your true colors shine. 



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Poppy Blossom

Posie Blossom

Denise the Dressmaker

Sweet Pea the Squirrel

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Poppy and Posie Blossom™, the main character of The Blossom Company's debut award-winning picture book "The Blossom Shoppe," are so excited to continue to take their award-winning story off the page in their new educational children's YouTube show.


 In each video, join Poppy and Posie at the Blossom Shoppe, an inclusive and accepting place where children from around the world are welcomed to learn, grow, and blossom together! Poppy and Posie's fun and educational kids' videos inspire creativity, kindness, and confidence! From telling stories, to singing and dancing, to fun games as well as DIY kids' activities, Poppy and Posie's videos are both entertaining and enriching, designed to encourage positive growth and development in their blossoming viewers.


Join Poppy and Posie on all of their wonderful, colorful adventures in Blossom Town by subscribing here.





"The Blossom Shoppe" Poppy Children's Dress-up Costume

The Blossom Shoppe

"The Blossom Shoppe" Posie Children's Dress-up Costume

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