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What if everyone knew what a flower could do?

Find out in our debut multi-award-winning picture book...



In a town that is totally gray and where everything is done in the same exact way, Poppy and Posie Blossom have always had a little trouble fitting in.


Alongside their mother, the two sisters run their beloved family flower shop. Though Poppy, Posie, and Mama Blossom love their shop more than just about anything, to the rest of the town, flowers are just frivolous!


When Mama Blossom shocks Poppy and Posie with the news that they will have to close their shop, the sisters must dig deep to figure out how to prove to the town just how special their flowers truly are. And along the way, they discover that being a little different isn’t such a bad thing after all.


Join Poppy and Posie on their unforgettable journey to save the Blossom Shoppe—a multi-award-winning story about the power of hard work, creativity, acceptance, and family, and the extraordinary things that can happen when you have the courage to let your true colors shine. Order here!

"A creative, empowering, and heartwarming story that is beautifully written and illustrated and will be perfect for any home or classroom!"  - A Story A Day Reviews


"Poppy and Posie are great role models who exhibit hard work and determination--and it pays off in the most colorful of ways."

 - Ginger Fox Reviews


"This beautifully illustrated book takes you inside a modern fairytale -- a tale of empowering female heroines who band together to bring out the inspiring  trucolorin each other and the world around them."

- MaiStoryBook Reviews

"Sure to become a classic." - Brenda Smith, Stepping stones Museum for Children


Take the story off the page...


The Blossom Shoppe and Poppy and Posie Blossom are used with permission from The Blossom Company. Text ©2016. Illustrations ©2016. All rights reserved. Based on the book, written by Katherine Brickley and Caroline Brickley. Illustrated by Joanie Stone.

© 2016 by The Blossom Company.