Meet Ireland: Our Blossom Kid for the Month of February!

February 2, 2019


Meet Ireland! Our featured Blossom Kid for the month of February! (Age 7 ; West Virginia, USA)


Ireland is a Blossom Kid who dedicates each and every day to spreading joy, happiness, and sunshine. In Ireland’s own words, “I am kind to others, I am always happy, and people say I shine like the sun!” Whether she is sharing her school supplies with fellow classmates or making sure each of her peers has someone to play with at recess, Ireland’s warm heart is always thinking of others. She takes great care of her close friends and classmates by cheering them on through the good times as well as having their back during the times when they need it most. But, just as much as Ireland is selfless, loving, and kind to others, she also makes sure to treat herself just the same. She encourages herself to blossom into a better version of herself each day and is fearless in pursuing her passions, such as acting, singing, and playing teacher with her three siblings. By sharing her story with us, seven-year-old Ireland paints a picture of how wonderful and colorful the world can be when we choose to be that golden ray of sunshine in the lives of those around us as well as in our own. That’s what makes Ireland . . . Blossom!


Shining a spotlight on Blossom Kids and their inspiring stories every month is one component of Poppy & Posie’s ongoing #IAMBLOSSOM Campaign: A special campaign dedicated to celebrating the one-of-a-kind qualities that make each and every child Blossom.


To have your child take part in this campaign that inspires confidence and creativity, please click here


Have a Blossom Day!🌸
Caroline & Katherine Brickley
Sisters, Best Friends, and Co-founders of The Blossom Company

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