Featured Blossom Buddy of the Month

Meet Heidi! 

(Florida, USA | Age 5)

Heidi is a Blossom Buddy who knows what matters most. In her own words, “You can be Blossom with family, friends, and flowers!” At just 5 years old, Heidi knows that there is nothing more special than the relationships we have with those closest to us, as well as the beautiful world we all share! She celebrates the people and world around her by spreading love and care each and every day – and don’t forget music! On top of acting with love and kindness, Heidi loves to sing and make others smile with her songs. Make sure to watch her video submission to hear a very special rendition of Poppy & Posie’s song, “Family, Friends, and Flowers.” She also loves to read and encourages other children to find the magic and fun in storybooks. By spreading joy through story and song and reminding us of the things that matter most, Heidi inspires us to find something to celebrate and be grateful for each day – thus making the world a more wonderful, colorful, and kind place for everyone. That’s what makes her… Blossom!

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Meet Madison! (NY, USA)

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