"The Blossom Shoppe" Event Testimonials

We had the pleasure of having Poppy and Posie Blossom here for a special live reading of their story “The Blossom Shoppe” on Mother’s Day. Visitors both young and old were highly engaged as the characters came to life through story and song. The story itself is beautifully written and the illustrations are so lovely and whimsical. This is sure to become a classic. We look forward to reading more adventures of the Blossom sisters!” - Brenda Smith ( Manager) Stepping Stones Museum for Children

"The Blossom Shoppe" at the New Canaan Library

"I saw Caroline and Katherine at the Oakdale Mall on Saturday and it was a great event. They were in costume - it was magical – I can still hear the clapping – and it was a great joy to be there (because they are very nice people, as well as very talented)." - Alan, Oakdale Mall event

"You both were so wonderful

with your little fans spreading

your magic!" - Elm Street Books

"What a delightful interactive program! Everyone loved the costumes, storytelling, singing, dancing, and the craft. Children and parents were charmed!" - Kelsey (children's librarian), Broome County Public Library

"On behalf of the Stratford Library Children's Department and all our families, thank you so much for the lovely "blossom party" you hosted for us this summer. The children were utterly focused on you and your story and they appreciated the love and attention you lavished on them. Thank you very much for gifting us with this wonderful event." - Caitlin (children's librarian), Stratford Library performance

"It was so much fun to watch the interaction of the authors with the children. The story came alive with the reading, music and dancing! Our granddaughter wanted to read the story again at bedtime!" - Bonnie, Stratford Library performance

"This was a perfect start to my daughter's 8th birthday. We loved it!" - Caitlin, Stratford Library performance

"Poppy and Posie, thank you for allowing us to see your wonderful program that you presented at the Stratford Library. I was in the audience and was totally captivated, as were the adorable children, by the presentation of your very beautiful book. Loved seeing the children participate so enthusiastically. They and I will have very pleasant memories of your program and will also never forget "WHAT A FLOWER CAN DO" and the inspiring, meaningful and positive story you tell." - Thea, Stratford Library performance

"Thank you so much again for coming!  It was a wonderful and special event for our little ones." - Cheryl (children's librarian), New Canaan Library performance

"It was like seeing a Disney Princess show!" - Allison, New Canaan Library performance

"What a wonderful event! Loved the costumes and singing!" - Alison, New Canaan Library performance

"We loved the singing and dancing. Amazing costumes!" - Mary, New Canaan Library performance

"We have such pleasant memories of your visit to the library here in Stratford. Thank you for sharing your expertise and spirit with us." - Tess (children's librarian), Stratford Library performance

"We had a BLOSSOM start to our weekend! A special thank you to The Blossom Company and the Ridgefield Library for hosting such a colorful event! My girls had a blast dressing in their fancy Ann Grace Dresses and joining the Blossom Sisters for this beautiful storytime... I think you ladies are probably my girls' new favorites!" - Ann Grace Collections, Ridgefield Library performance

"We had so much fun with Poppy and Posie! The whole event got everyone to dance and smile, and even the adults were totally hooked throughout. One staff member excitedly said that the performance was just like being a kid at Disney again. We are so grateful to have had this story-time experience and we hope to meet Poppy and Posie again soon!" - Alex Fabian, Wesleyan RJ Julia Bookstore