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"The Blossom Shoppe" Book and Costume Bundle


"The Blossom Shoppe" Poppy Children's Dress-up Costume


"The Blossom Shoppe" Posie Children's Dress-up Costume


The Blossom Shoppe Coloring Packet (Downloadable File)

Watering Can Ballet CD Cover (w_polka do
Silly Lily CD Cover.png
Family, Friends, and Flowers CD Cover (1
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CD Cover - Mother's Day (1).png



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Would You Be My Valentine_ Album Cover.p

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The Blossom Shoppe and Poppy and Posie Blossom are used with permission from The Blossom Company. Text ©2016. Illustrations ©2016. All rights reserved. Based on the book, written by Katherine Brickley and Caroline Brickley. Illustrated by Joanie Stone.

© 2016 by The Blossom Company.