Featured Blossom Buddy of the Month

Meet Yael! 

(New Jersey, USA | Age 7)

Yael is a Blossom Buddy who is full of dreams and knows just how important it is for us all to pursue our goals. One of her biggest dreams is to help others by creating a clothing line that is inclusive of all people. This dream is inspired by her incredible passion for fashion, art as well as doing good. But not only does Yael dream, she DOES. This budding fashion designer has already begun to take action towards achieving her goals by designing dresses, outfits with wings, and mermaid tails that are only just the start of Yael’s fashion line made for all. By sharing her story and encouraging us all to follow our dreams and make them come true, Yael is making the world a more wonderful, colorful place. That’s what makes her… Blossom!

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Meet Zeta-Allen! (Melbourne, AU)

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