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Meet Zeta-Allen! 

(Melbourne, Australia | Age 10)

Zeta-Allen is a Blossom Buddy who knows just how important it is to always be yourself! Zeta-Allen at first had trouble finding her place in school as she tried to fit in and make friends. For a while, she felt she wasn’t smart enough, not coordinated enough, not talented enough, and to top it all off, she had a missing tooth from knocking it out while running around a swimming pool! However, she soon realized that the best way to find your place is to first be who you truly are. When Zeta-Allen recognized her passions for sports and the environment, she started to put herself out there by joining the running club, the swimming squad, and a kids volunteer group that collects and recycles cans and bottles. By being herself and doing what she loved, Zeta-Allen started to make friends -- true friends -- that she had lots in common with. Everything began to fall into place for Zeta-Allen, even her broken baby tooth was replaced by a brand new big tooth! Zeta-Allen now knows that as long as she continues to just be her true self, she will continue to BLOSSOM into her best self and it is her dream to inspire other children to be themselves, too! By sharing her story and encouraging us all to have the courage to be who we are, too, Zeta-Allen is making the world a more wonderful, colorful place. That’s what makes her… Blossom!

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