Featured Blossom Buddy of the Month

Meet Miriam! 

(Texas, USA | Age 6)

Miriam is a Blossom Buddy who shows us what it means to be a true friend. In Miriam’s own words, "I am a Blossom Buddy because I am a good friend. Even if someone is a different age or has a different style than mine I can still be friends with them. Cousins can be friends, and neighbors can be friends. When I don't see my friends for a while or they live far away, I still let them know that I remember them. I can call them, text them, or send them pictures! When I see the tiny neighbor boy next door out in his yard, I open my window to say hello to him or sing him one of his favorite songs." By extending kindness and friendship to everyone she meets, Miriam is making the world a more wonderful, colorful, and kind place. That’s what makes her… Blossom!

Meet All of Our Blossom Buddies!
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Meet Maya! (MD, USA)

Maya is a Blossom Buddy with a passion for helping others and bringing positive change to the world around her. In Maya’s own words, “being blossom means to take care of people, to be kind, and to be a great part of the community.” Just having entered kindergarten, Maya is already working hard to add color to her community and to make the world a better place by letting everyone know what matters most: caring about others and showing love to those around you. That’s what makes her BLOSSOM!