Join Our Blossom Family

Our Blossom Family is a curious, creative, and kind community of Blossom Buddies from all over the world. What makes our Blossom Buddies "Blossom"? – Much more than just Poppy and Posie's favorite way of saying "awesome," to be "Blossom" means...


  1. To think outside the flowerpot and always believe in your dreams.

  2. To proudly shine with your own one-of-kind colors for everyone to see.

  3. To be kind to all you meet, whether a person, an animal, or a tiny, little seed.

  4. And most importantly . . . To be Blossom™ means to be YOU . . . the most wonderful thing you can be!

By being Blossom, Blossom Buddies inspire others to do the same, making the world a more wonderful, colorful place. 

Our Blossom Family is located all over the world! Help us continue to grow by joining our Blossom Family. Let's make the world a more wonderful, colorful place together!