Who We Are

We are a children’s media and publishing company dedicated to developing and producing uplifting stories, inspiring characters, and enriching story-based experiences that empower children around the world to BLOSSOM together.

Why We Do What We Do

Blossom is driven by the following mission:


To empower children around the world to BLOSSOM together through the creation of uplifting stories, inspiring characters, and enriching story-based experiences that cultivate creativity, confidence, and kindness.


Blossom believes that every child should have available to them the resources and support they need to grow and blossom into their best self – for this in turn promotes the creation of a more wonderful, colorful and kind world. Blossom also believes that uplifting stories that feature inspiring characters are some of the most powerful tools to use to educate, inspire, and empower children across the globe to grow into the next generation of leaders, changemakers, and creators who will carry on the tradition of empowering others to BLOSSOM.

So . . . what do we do?

Uplifting Stories


Blossom creates stories that brings children and families closer together and inspire them to grow. Our stories are stories of hope, creativity, and courage that depict the power of kindness, good, and being true to who you are. 

Inspiring Characters 


Every story features a diverse cast of inspiring characters that children can find both a positive role model in as well as a friend whom they can trust, connect with, and grow alongside. The meaningful message at the heart of every story and character’s journey is the meaningful message at the heart of Blossom: When we allow ourselves to BLOSSOM into our true selves, we make the world a more wonderful, colorful place. 

Enriching Story-Based Experiences


At Blossom, every uplifting story starts on the pages of a book, so children can first experience it through one of the most traditional and enriching forms of storytelling. By doing so, Blossom also aims to help children find the fun in reading again in order to counteract the effects of the silent reading crisis. 


Then, each story, and its cast of inspiring characters, is taken off the page through a variety of enriching story-based experiences that children and families can love, trust, interact with, and even be a part of together. Such story-based experiences include original online shows, music, live performances, merchandise, printable activities, games, storybook character meet + greets, and more. 


Safe Community for Children -- On and Offline


In order for every child to grow and blossom, Blossom believes it is necessary to provide them with not only nourishment in the form of high-quality story-based content that families and educators can trust, but also a safe space for little sprouts to grow. Blossom uniquely provides a supportive environment where kids and families are welcomed and empowered to grow and learn side by side through through Blossom's many online and offline opportunities. These opportunities include becoming penpals with a favorite storybook character or being a part of one of our shows! Our growing Blossom Family is made up of amazing families and children from around the world that connect through our current stories and inspire the ones we will write next. 


How We Do It

Blossom, co-founded in 2017 by now 24-year-old twin sisters and award-winning children’s media creators, Caroline and Katherine Brickley, draws together a talented, diverse, and passionate team of industry professionals from around the world to produce its content with love. Every member is dedicated to Blossom’s mission of creating quality content that helps children grow and making it available to every child in every home across the globe. 


So far, the Blossom team has put forth the award-winning story The Blossom Shoppe which began with the publication of a book that has since been taken off the page through videos, music, live tours, merchandise, printable activities and more, all of which have and continue to be enjoyed by children and families around the world.


Thanks to your support, Blossom is currently developing a number of new and exciting properties it can’t wait to release and be enjoyed by the whole Blossom Family.