About The Blossom Company

The Blossom Company is the children's media company where award-winning stories truly come off the page™

The Blossom Company's mission is...

To embolden children from around the world to BLOSSOM together through its production of exceptional books and book-based media that cultivate creativity, confidence, kindness, and a lifelong love of reading.

From beautiful picture books to educational and entertaining children’s shows and music, The Blossom Company’s innovative and enriching content promotes curiosity, creativity, and an excitement for learning in its young and growing audience.


Launched by co-founders and twin sisters Caroline and Katherine Brickley at twenty-years-old, The Blossom Company brought its first story to life in 2017 with the publication of its debut picture book, "The Blossom Shoppe" . This inspiring and powerful tale of sisters, Poppy and Posie Blossom, went on to win multiple awards for excellence in children’s literature and family content. “The Blossom Shoppe” was released alongside internationally-recognized children’s products and media inspired by the picture book to truly take the story off the page, including Poppy and Posie’s educational children’s show.


The Blossom Sisters’ show is set at their beloved Blossom Shoppe, an inclusive and accepting place where children from around the world are welcomed to learn and grow side by side. Poppy and Posie's fun and educational series uniquely inspires creativity, self-esteem, and confidence by offering children the opportunity to be a part of the show itself and join in on the meaningful conversations that are had on important topics such as kindness, family, gratitude, and more. Engaging, enriching, and interactive, the show is designed to allow children to be directly involved in the creative process as well as to encourage positive growth and development in its blossoming viewers.


By bringing the story of “The Blossom Shoppe” to life in so many ways, The Blossom Company continues to encourage children from all over the world to celebrate their differences and one-of-a-kind qualities and capabilities; to celebrate what makes them, well, “blossom.” Much more than just Poppy and Posie’s favorite way of saying “awesome”, this word has grown to take on so many special and personal meanings to every Blossom Kid. But one meaning will always hold true: As The Blossom Company will always believe, being “blossom” means being YOU -- the most unique thing in the world.


“Flowers teach children the three most important lessons of all: That by giving to others, we receive much more in return; that diverse one-of-a-kind beings can flourish and thrive side by side in a single garden; and, most importantly, that each and every one of us can and will blossom to our fullest potential in our own time and in our own unique and beautiful way.”


- Caroline and Katherine Brickley

Sisters and Co-Founders of The Blossom Company

The Blossom Shoppe and Poppy and Posie Blossom are used with permission from The Blossom Company. Text ©2016. Illustrations ©2016. All rights reserved. Based on the book, written by Katherine Brickley and Caroline Brickley. Illustrated by Joanie Stone.

© 2016 by The Blossom Company.